Upgrade your listing

Upgrading your profile on Durham Uni Students can really help boost your profile on our site. We also offer a range of advertising packages throughout our website, to help you advertise your business to students in Durham.

Listings and more

Basic listing Premium listing
Cost £50 per year From £150 per year depending on category and availability
Listing information Your business name, a brief description (edited to include mentions of local businesses around you), telephone number and address. Your business name, a description which can include up to 3 photographs or images, telephone number and address
your logo, website link, Twitter, Facebook and other social media links
Featured listings Available at an additional cost; please contact us One month featured listing somewhere on our website

All costs exclude VAT at the applicable rate.

If you would like to upgrade your business listing on Durham Uni Students, please contact Richard at hello@durhamstudent.co.uk.

If you are a current or past featured listings customer, you can also contact Richard to reactivate or make amends your featured listing via hello@durhamstudent.co.uk.