August 15 2018

Durham Freshers Week 2018

Welcome to Durham Freshers’ Week 2018!

Congratulations on your place at Durham University – it won’t be long before the city is buzzing with the arrival of new students and their parents again, and a new cohort of students join the city for studying (and probably a few nights out, we’d imagine).

Key dates for Durham Freshers Week this year

Don’t forget to double-check these dates on the official Durham University website, though – they’re unlikely to change now, but you never know!

Grab a meal with your parents

Before they go, why not go for one last meal with your parents before you arrive at your college accommodation. Durham has plenty of restaurants for a small city, so there’s a huge choice of tastes and budget ranges catered for – we’ve already listed our favourite restaurants in Durham, but we’d recommend trying Kingslodge, near Durham station, for some great food in serene surroundings, or one of the many restaurants overlooking the River Wear.

This has two advantages:

  1. They’ll be so glad to have the extra time with you, they’ll pay (you can hope!)
  2. Any embarrassing motherly/fatherly moments are out of the site of your new floormates in the uni accommodation

That’s it! Have a great freshers’ week, and enjoy your time at Durham University.