Sep 16 2015

Welcome Durham Freshers 2015!

Freshers is a great opportunity to get to know your fellow students, your college, Durham as a city, and, of course, the bars, pubs and restaurants of Durham!

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Jun 17 2014

5 Ways To Survive An All Nighter

As students, you’ve always got deadlines to meet and the all important essays to hand in! And sometimes you have to give up a warm, comfy night in bed to get everything finished and handed in on time. But fear not! this can be achieved by sticking to our 5 ways to survive an all nighter…. Read more »

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Apr 12 2014

Dealing With Stress Caused By Student Life

Student Life is the best time of your life! But it has it’s sinister side because when the partying is over there’s work to be done and deadlines to be met. Which can cause some students a lot of stress, stopping them from achieving their full potential. So here are some suggestions on how you… Read more »

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Sep 7 2013

20 ways to procrastinate for students

It’s not like you need any help, but just in case you’re struggling, Durham Uni Students has come up with 20 ways to procrastinate for students… Walk along Church Street (the road between the hill colleges and the centre of Durham) and try not to get made to walk on the road…when lectures are swapping… Read more »

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Oct 17 2012

Argh! Top Ten Mosting Annoying Things In Durham

One of the nicest things about the city of Durham is its compact nature, and the many twisting streets and steep passages which wind through the city (especially beloved is the alley to Vennel’s!), but this proximity to others on an almost permanent basis can mean you find yourself getting easily frustrated at those around… Read more »

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Sep 1 2012

Best Excuses For Not Submitting University Work

No matter how soon you think you’ll start that assignment, there’s always your trusty excuses for not handing in university assignments, with some of the best below. ‘I left it at home’ seems quite popular. Still. ‘I did it, but it was on my memory stick, and I’ve lost the memory stick’. ‘I split tea/coffee/beer/vodka/wine… Read more »

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