October 6 2020

Where to find student jobs in Durham

Jobs for students at Durham University - DurhamStudent

Are you looking for a little part time work to help fund your way through university at Durham? Then look no further than our guide on where to find student jobs in Durham!

Balancing life at university can be a hard task depending on the year of study you’re in, and the course and modules you’re studying. The university itself recommends a maximum of 8 hours per week of paid work to help maintain a healthy and manageable balance between paid work, study and leisure time.

Durham University Careers & Enterprise Centre

The rather long-winded “Durham University Careers & Enterprise Centre” (also known as the SES, or Student Employment Service”) is the university’s own employment service. Durham’s Student Employment Service provides a listing of vacancies for student jobs in Durham, as well as lots of help and advice on applying for jobs.

Durham Student Union jobs

You may be able to find a job at Durham Student Union, too: they have a long list of positions to fill during the academic year. The DSU is also key in developing and trying to enforce key student worker rights.

Shout out on social media

If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, you could try tagging your preferred places to work in a tweet or post to attract their attention. Just be wary if your personal account isn’t very work-safe in its other content posts!

The old fashioned way

If all else fails, why not try the old fashioned way of finding a job, and walk around Durham with a paper CV to hand out to businesses.