Decorate Your College Bedroom

Decorating your college bedroom is vital to prevent it from feeling like a prison and a dungeon – it’ll probably look bare, worn out and uninviting when you first arrive.

A Typical College Room

Whilst there is variation is size, most college rooms at the University of Durham are around the same state, and contain the same basics – a bed, wardrobe, chest of drawers and some shelving. Not too inspiring a start, but

Come Prepared

Most colleges will provide you with the most essential furniture, but if you’ll probably need a few extra bits, just in case. It’s always useful to have a folding clothes horse to dry clothes in your room (there’s never enough space on the radiator!), and you may want a better desk chair than the one provided by the college – this depends upon the college, though, as Collingwood and Trevelyan both have comfortable desk chairs, whilst Van Mildert reportedly has less comfortable desk chairs. A comfortable desk chair may not sound important, but you’ll be glad you have one when you have to pull an all-nighter…

You may also need extra storage for your books, CDs and DVDs in your room – there are quite a few charity shops in the centre of Durham you can find these in, although the trek back from North Road to a hill college with a piece of furniture could prove lethal.

Bear in mind when buying extra furniture and storage for your college room that you may be required to take it home over the holiday periods.

The Essentials For Decorating Your College Room

Posters and photographs are essential part of any student room, and choosing the right ones could make or break it! has a wealth of posters available to help decorate your room.

  • Film posters, especially for incredibly violent (e.g. Scarface) or incredibly childish (e.g. Toy Story) films.
  • Posters for drinks such as Guinness, Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort.
  • ‘Erotic art’, as opposed to pornography. It’s a bit classier.
  • Football team posters. Nobody cares.
  • Posters of cars.
  • Stolen fire exit signs – very cliché, as well as dangerous and selfish (it means the whole college will have to pay for it as part of the damages bill if you don’t own up to ‘trophying‘ it).
  • Gap year photos.
  • Photographs of friends from your hometown

Essential Supplies For A Student Room

  • Biscuits. Lots of them.
  • Beer. Or wine. Just in case you can’t walk the 10 feet to the college bar.
  • Tea and coffee. Great for visitors who turned up unannounced and for those wet afternoons. And for any all-nighters you may have to endure.
  • A laptop. How else are you going to check Facebook every 10 seconds?

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