Durham student houses: that bastion of the student lifestyle. Pizza box covered living rooms, damp walls and arguments about the cost of the electricity bill.

Whilst Durham freshers will be allocated a room in one of the university’s colleges, those in the second or third years of their degree can ‘live out’ – that is, live in rented student accommodation in Durham. Whilst there’s usually a rush to find student housing in Durham between December and Feburary, don’t panic and definitely don’t rush into signing a contract; you have to live there for a year, which is a long time!

Guide to student housing in Durham

So, it’s that time of the year again, when students start hunting for accommodation close enough to the lecture theatres and, more importantly, closer to the clubs and nightlife in Durham. It can be a stressful time, what with trying to find your ideal university housemates and the perfect location – will it be in Neville’s Cross or the viaduct? – so Durham Uni Students has created a guide to house-hunting. Student properties are numerous in Durham, so you should have little trouble tracking down a student house or flat, even if it isn’t quite the Taj Mahal.

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