20 ways to procrastinate for students

It’s not like you need any help, but just in case you’re struggling, Durham Uni Students has come up with 20 ways to procrastinate for students

  1. Walk along Church Street (the road between the hill colleges and the centre of Durham) and try not to get made to walk on the road…when lectures are swapping over.
  2. Play guess the course in your college bar – see how many people fit Durham University stereotypes.
  3. Write an essay…about any subject other than the one you’re meant to be writing about.
  4. Stalk your friends on Facebook, then find your parents have joined and uploaded embarrassing photos of themselves/you…and tagged them.
  5. Challenge a housemate or a floormate to an eating competition…whilst hanging upside down.
  6. Attempt to stay in Klute for longer than an hour…sober.
  7. Play spot the rah in a hill college bar
  8. Look something up for an essay using Wikipedia, and spend the next 2 hours reading incredibly interesting articles which in no way relate to what you originally wanted to know.
  9. Find an English student in a lecture (hint: it’s impossible!).
  10. Go to Brown Sugar and attempt to get served within 5 minutes of entering.
  11. Inflate enough balloons to fill a shower in your halls or house. Then get in. And turn the shower on.
  12. Go to a lecture: no, not one of yours: pick something you’d never heard of before and sit through it for an hour, dodging any questions the lecturer might ask.
  13. Log into an instant messenger program to ask someone on your course about a deadline or assignment, and accidentally wake up at 6am on your laptop having spent all night ‘talking’ to an old school friend…oops.
  14. Accidentally-on-purpose infringe on a friend’s personal space when their boyfriend/girlfriend comes up for the weekend, giving them no opportunity to become…intimate.
  15. Buy lots of paper, cellotape and paper clips from Tesco and make a small city in your room. Extra points awarded for size, stability and creativity.
  16. Start a new society and try and get it ratified by the DSU.
  17. Buy a discount card and get the friend to do the same…and then race to be the first to make all of the money back from your card.
  18. Go to the GUM clinic for fun

Think You Can Take More?

If you’ve survived that procrastination without much doubt, Durham Uni Students is, err, stuck for suggestions.