5 Ways To Survive An All Nighter

As students, you’ve always got deadlines to meet and the all important essays to hand in! And sometimes you have to give up a warm, comfy night in bed to get everything finished and handed in on time. But fear not! this can be achieved by sticking to our 5 ways to survive an all nighter.

Caffeine Is Your Friend!

If you have an essay deadline due the next day and you know that you’re going to have to stay awake all night, to get it handed in on time. Remember that Caffeine is that best friend you can have in this situation. Whether it’s coffee, tea, energy drinks or pop they can provide that quick energy boost you’ve been looking for! Or if non of the above are to your taste try coffee flavoured ice-cream or even chewing gum! However, we want to avoid the dreaded caffeine crash so make you top yourself up every now and then to make sure you’re in tip-top form.

Get Those Tunes on

Listening to music whilst you work is a great way to keep you awake and on the ball. Blast it as loud as you can! Or if you don’t wish to disturb others, plug in the headphones. Make sure your music is uplifting, you don’t want anything relaxing or sad because that will sing you to sleep faster than reading the dictionary.

Don’t get comfy & Keep moving!

It’s important that you don’t get too comfy, because before you know it it’ll be morning and you’ll have paper notes all over your face! A nice desk chair will do you well and keep posture to a Victorian standard. Whenever you’re feeling a little distracted or tired just get up and move! Dance, punch the air, do handstands! the worlds the limit and after 5-10 minutes of it you’ll feel as though you can take on the world.

Cold As Ice

Applying something cold to your skin is a sure way to wake you up! You could splash cold water on your face or if you really have balls, try the classic militant cold shower. Or for the less adventurous, try sucking on some ice cubes. Although we don’t advise this if you have sensitive teeth, ouch!

The Power Nap

Now the power nap may not be the best option for everybody, once some people hit the hay there’s not much chance of them getting up any time soon. However, for those who can the power nap may be the best answer to staying conscious throughout the night. We suggest power naps between 15-30 minutes to make sure that you don’t fall into a too deep of a sleep. Remember! set more than one alarm as the snooze button is not our friend as we learn far to often.