The A to Z of Durham University

The ultimate a to z of Durham University.

A: All-nighters

All-nighters fact of life at university if you’re not too organised – you’ll end up ignoring that assignment you got at the start of term until the night before it’s due in.

B: Bill Bryson

Durham students seem to have a strange obsession with the bearded chancellor.

C: Collingwood College

Collingwood College – a hill college of the university. There’s also St Cuth’s and St Chad’s, two bailey colleges.

D: Days

College days, that is: one of the highlights of the academic year for – a celebration of each college’s foundation, and generally a great excuse for a barbeque and a party.

E: Excuses

Excuses for not handing in assignments. After pulling that all-nighter, still didn’t finish that assignment? Shockingly, some students would turn to lying here.

F: Floor Parties

As a Durham University fresher, floor parties were a great way to get to know people in your college – you probably met at least one of your consequent Durham housemates at one!

F: Facebook

Durham University students = Facebook addicts.

G: Grey College

Grey College, one of Durham’s hill colleges.

H: Hatfield College

Hatfield, one of the bailey colleges of the university.

H: Hound (Planet of Sound)

Planet of Sound, or Hound, as it is affectionately known – the club night at the DSU.

I: ‘I’ve No Idea…What Happened Last Night’

Heard all too often.

J: St John’s College

St John’s College.

K: Klute Nightclub

Klute – love it or hate it, Klute is a Durham institution.

L: Love Shack

Love Shack, which pretty much doubles Durham’s nightlife.

M: Mostly Harmless

Mostly Harmless (, the satirical newspaper – a good read for a giggle at the Durham bubble. Life wouldn’t be the same without it!

N: Nightlife

Plenty of people are willing to slate Durham’s nightlife, but there’s just about enough to do – you’re supposed to work, too, you know!

O: Open Days

Proud students convincing potential applicants that their college is better than others.

P: Palatinate

As the Durham Student newspaper is all too keen to point out on a frequent basis, the Palatinate was the starting point for George Alagiah, the BBC broadcaster. Also, Purple Radio (

Q: Queueing At College Bars

Queueing at college bars is unavoidable in Durham, what with all of those bar crawls bringing 20 extra bodies in to an already packed space. This seems to happen quite frequently in St Chad’s.

R: Rah

Rahs, as much a part of life in Durham as Durham Cathedral or the colleges.

S: Stockton

The Stockton colleges and campus – rarely heard about in the city centre campus, but the home of both Stephenson College and John Snow College.

T: Tea in Vennel’s

Regular trips to Vennel’s café are a must in Durham!

T: Traffic Cones

Try as you might, there’s no separating traffic cones and students.

U: The Undercroft

The Undercroft, a great college bar with a great atmosphere.

V: Varsity

Varsity, that distraction from lectures, placed conveniently between student housing in the Viaduct and the science site.

W: The Weather

Durham has it all: clouds, rain, snow, even hail!

X: Hmm

Hmm, Durham Uni Students is stumped on this one. Contact Durham Uni Students with suggestions if you have any!

Y: YouTube

YouTube, the video-sharing website, is full of Durham-student videos of nights out and silliness.

Z: Zoologists

Zoologists; few in number at Durham, they are, nonetheless, some among us…