Best Excuses For Not Submitting University Work

No matter how soon you think you’ll start that assignment, there’s always your trusty excuses for not handing in university assignments, with some of the best below.

  1. ‘I left it at home’ seems quite popular. Still.
  2. ‘I did it, but it was on my memory stick, and I’ve lost the memory stick’.
  3. ‘I split tea/coffee/beer/vodka/wine over it’
  4. …or ‘my housemate split tea/coffee/beer/vodka/wine over the assignment’.
  5. ‘I’ve been ill’. This is all very well and good if you were ill, but hangovers do not count as ‘ill’, no matter how bad it feels! Strange how students only become incredibly ill the week before the assignment is due in!

Now these have been exposed, you’d better think of more!

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