Dealing With Stress Caused By Student Life

Student Life is the best time of your life! But it has it’s sinister side because when the partying is over there’s work to be done and deadlines to be met. Which can cause some students a lot of stress, stopping them from achieving their full potential. So here are some suggestions on how you can combat that stress and have peace of mind whilst you’re studying.

Leaving Home

Leaving home is an exciting concept but can be quite a daunting one, because let’s face it living at home was pretty sweet. But when you’re living on your own you have to pay your own bills, cook your own food, wash your own clothes and clean your own room! Which can be quite a shock to any students that are living on their own or sharing with others for the first time.


remember to keep a close eye on your finances to make sure than you can afford every essential cost you will need to cover. If you’re having trouble doing this, take a seat and go through everything you’ve got coming in and everything you’ve got to pay out and see what cuts can be made. If you’re still struggling managing your money consult the Money Advice Service for help with budgeting. If you’re struggling because of personal debt consult the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Keeping organised

Keeping your house and yourself organised can be a big task, especially when you’re always on the go. But it’s important to stay on top of everything so that it doesn’t get on top of you! Try cleaning your house/room at the same time everyday or every week to work in into your routine or if that’s not your style, keep on top of your house work by doing it whenever you’ve got a bit of spare time. After all organised surroundings equals an organised mind.

Living With Others

Living with others can be hard, it’s a lesson we learned very early in life. Most if not all of our lives we are likely to be living with other people and sometimes we may hate it but would we have it any other way. So it’s important for everyone living under the same roof to have a mutual respect for each other and each other’s belongings. So when you’re planning to move in with some people you don’t know or even some friends it’s important to have and adhere to some house rules, setting rules and defined boundaries will insure that everyone is aware of how to behave with the other people in the house. Having patience and understanding is a good attitude to have when living with others but remember if you feel like you’re being discriminated by others in the house, you don’t have to put up with it. If this happens make sure you consult your landlord or a a member of your universities staff for advice.

Essays, Essays, Essays!

Essays are just a fact of life as a university student and university work in general. The sheer amount of work is one of the biggest producers of stress within the student population and every student deals with it in different ways. Some with the getting work over a done with as soon as possible or the type who do the mad rush to get everything done the day before their due! Who can really say which method produces the best results but completing your work at a sensible pace is less likely to induce stress and is important to avoid that ‘Oh god I haven’t finished and it’s due tomorrow’ moment. Also, never forget that you’re not in this alone and there is no same in asking for help. Every university will have a someone who can help you with your work or even if you just want someone to talk to, your university will have someone who can help.

Practical Ways To Kick Stresses Bottom

Sometimes stress is inevitable no matter how much we try to avoid it, luckily there a few simple ways in which to keep stress at bay.

Talk It Out

Just talking is the best cure for a lot of things and stress is one of them, no matter what is on your mind just getting it off your chest and having someone to talk to can offer great relief.


A brisk walk, jog or any type of exercise is good for both body and mind. While exercising your body releases endorphin which is the ‘feel good’ chemical so go for a run and it’s like free prozac.

Eat Well

Eating crap will make you feel like crap, even though when it’s in your mouth it’s so good. Make sure you eat a balanced and healthy diet of fruit, veg, protein, complex carbohydrates and dairy. As well as lot’s of water and you’ll feel ten times better.

Stress Is A Serious Thing

We all know know that life is stressful and we can all expect a little bit of stress every now and then. But if you find that you are constantly stressed and feel that it’s causing a real problem in your life you should consult your G.P for help. You don’t have to live with it.