Durham Graduate Jobs

So, you’ve graduated from Durham University, and are looking for a Durham graduate job, look no further!

Finding your ideal graduate job

Looking for your graduate job needs a lot of planning, and the Careers Advisory Service can help you to plan your future after Durham University.

Durham Graduate Jobs: the numbers

It’s reckoned that it takes Durham students (and other UK students) around 12 sensible job applications to generate a job offer, so don’t be disheartened by rejection!

Many employers will ask for a minimum of a 2:1 degree classification, but, recently, some employers have been accepting students with 2:2 degree classification.

Not quite done at Durham?

Once you’ve finished your degree, there’s no need to get a graduate job – you could stay on at Durham and complete a PhD, or a Masters; just ask your department for more details.

Even if you weren’t keen on your original degree at Durham, once you’ve attained your BSc or BA, you can apply to other courses (at the discretion of the individual department).

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