Learning To Drive In Durham

Many students start learning to drive whilst at University, and the number of driving schools and driving instructors who flourish in Durham means Durham University students are no exception to this rule!

Top Ten Tips For Finding A Good Driving Instructor

  1. Is your instructor fully-qualified (an ADI – Approved Driving Instructor)?
  2. If you’ll be learning with a trainee driving instructor, do you get a discount? What percentage of your lesson times will be spent with the trainee?
  3. Does the vehicle you’ll be learning to drive in have dual-controls, so your instructor can take over to avert any catastrophes?
  4. Will your driving instructor pick you up and drop you off from home, work or from your college?
  5. What is the state of the tuition car? If it’s dirty or untidy, will you be able to concentrate during driving lessons?
  6. Has a friend recommended this driving instructor? Have you been warned not to use them? Obvious, but if a slightly dubious driving instructor is cheaper than another driving school you’d looked at, it may still be worth paying more for a better service.
  7. How long are driving lessons? Most driving schools and driving instructors have lessons of one hour – beware of shorter driving lesson durations, since this will generally include you being picked up and dropped off, meaning you may only get as far as the outskirts of Durham before you have to turn around and go home!
  8. Would you be more comfortable with a same-sex driving instructor? Can the driving school provide this?
  9. Does the tuition car have adequate seat adjustments so you can sit comfortably?
  10. The Driving Standards Authority (DSA) gives driving instructors a grade when they pass – the higher the grade, the higher their standard of driving. Is your driving instructor adequate?

The Cost Of Driving Lessons & Tuition

Most driving instructors will charge between £15 and £25 per hour for driving lessons in Durham, with most willing to pick you up and drop you off from a location of your choice (within reason) before and after your lesson.

Tips For When You Have A Driving Instructor

You’ll probably only be spending an hour or two a week with your driving instructor, so make sure you make the most of them:

  1. Ensure you practice maneuvers you’re not great at, to make sure you can pull them off without a hitch before your driving test!
  2. Make sure you cover ‘show me, tell me’ material for the question-based section of the practical test – you’ll need to know the basics of car maintenance, from where the dipstick to check the oil level is to how to check the tread on your tyre is correct and how to check your hand brake is working.
  3. Ask if you can book the driving instructor’s car for your driving practical test – if you can’t (for example, if the insurance is not suitable), you may be driving a different car during the test, which will take time to become familiar with, and may mean you’ll be less likely to pass.
  4. Ask if you get a discount for block-booking your driving lessons. Worth a go…