Money saving ideas for university students

Life at Durham University will, for most people, be the best time of their lives, but for some students, money can get tight, so Durham Uni Students has put together a brief list to help you save those extra pennies.

The DSU has a list of available discounts you can get if you show your Durham University campus card, and your campus card also doubles as an NUS card, which gives you access to discounts at stores and businesses across the country!

Ask Your Parents

An obvious choice: mentioning you ‘miss them’ might help if you’re desperate, but phoning your parents for the first time in seven weeks to ask for money might not be such a great idea: timing is everything!

Beg Your Siblings

So, your parents have just gone on a Caribbean cruise/purchased a new kitchen/had a new conservatory added and ‘can’t lend you any money at the moment’? Never fear, your siblings could be helpful for the first time in your life! This option works especially well if your brother or sister works in the City/still speaks to you!

Go To Free Events

Find free events in Durham on Durham Uni Students – some of the annual events in Durham are excellent and either free or very cheap – such as St Aidan’s beer festival (usually in June), events at the University Botanical Gardens and

Share Resources

Again, obvious: if you’re living in university halls, you could share items such as washing-up liquid, milk and teabags with your floormates or friends; not many people can drink 200 teabags quickly! This could cause some tension if the milk runs out, though…

Cut Down On Clubbing…Go Pubbing!

If the worst comes to the worst, you could always cut down on nightclubs – especially on those nights when entry is £5! Try cheaper nights out as an alternative – for example, you could go to The Swan & Three Cygnets (£1.36 a pint for Sam Smith’s Old Brewery!) or even The Colpitts Hotel (£1.26 a pint for Sam Smith’s Old Brewery!). Plus, since pubs shut earlier, you’ll get a better night’s sleep (or have more time to watch your DVD collection – not quite as much fun, but cheaper!). There’s always 50p night at Studio, every Tuesday nights.

Ask The University/Student Union

If you are genuinely stuck for money whilst studying at university, you can ask the or contact the Durham Students’ Union Education & Welfare Officer (EWO).

Get A (Part-Time) Job

Most courses are flexible enough to allow for a few hours’ a week of paid work – JCRs at Durham employ students behind the bar (usually as part of the ‘bar committee’), and JCR shops also need staff during term-time – but local pubs, shops and other businesses may need staff too – check the university jobshop.

Don’t over-do the work, though – your degree should be your priority!

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