Moods Of Students in Lectures

The many moods of students in lectures are easily classifiable in to three categories: that of ‘listening’, ‘sleeping’ and ‘doodling’.

The moods of students in lectures

The Start Of The Lecture

The life cycle of a lecture is a simple one: you start trying to listen, but become distant after a while, through lack of sleep the previous night due to a spontaneous Klute, or due to the dullness of the topic being discussed.

If the topic is dull, you have to resort to doodling on your lecture slide printout; if tired, you resort to sleeping on a pillow consisting of your arms and a ream of paper.

The Lecture-Doodling State

The type of lecture doodling varies from lecture to lecture, but a few of the most common are:

  • Hangman. It’s a classic.
  • Your name, in grafitti style. Don’t ask why.
  • A house, with flowers and a tree. Students are still young at heart.

The Sleeping State

Sleeping in lectures is an art form – you can’t sit too close to the front of the lecture theatre, and nor can you sit too close to the back of the lecture theatre – it’s too obvious. There’s the sleeping with your head lolling back, which is usually paired with the tongue protruding from your mouth, the sleep using your arms as a pillow on the surface in front of you, the leaning-against-a-wall sleep and, of course, the blatant sleep, with loud snoring and possibly talking in your sleep.

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