Argh! Top Ten Mosting Annoying Things In Durham

One of the nicest things about the city of Durham is its compact nature, and the many twisting streets and steep passages which wind through the city (especially beloved is the alley to Vennel’s!), but this proximity to others on an almost permanent basis can mean you find yourself getting easily frustrated at those around you…as a release, Durham Uni Students contributes this list of the top ten most annoying things about Durham.

  1. You can’t hide: Durham is too small to hide from anyone for too long, especially if you’d rather not meet them after last night!
  2. There seems to be a queue for everything: be it in Waitrose or even in the library, where you often get stuck behind a queue of people waiting to swipe their campus card.
  3. Church Street: the pavements are tiny, so why are there always flocks of rahs walking 3 in a line down it?
  4. Facebook – a double-edged sword – you can’t live with it, you can’t live without it – pretty much every event in Durham gets added to it – a sad essential for student life!
  5. The limited nightlife: sure, we have Love Shack, Klute, Walkabout and Studio, but try convincing someone from outside Durham they’re worth going to!
  6. Meaningless student slang – if you told someone outside Durham you had ‘stash’, they’d probably phone the police and have you arrested…
  7. The cold – Durham gets noticeably colder than the south – it’s as ‘bracing’ as Skegness!
  8. A distinct lack of NHS dentists – for a large student population, there don’t seem to be many NHS dentists in Durham.
  9. Damage bills – a peril for those living in Durham colleges, the ‘carelessness’ of others will wish you were living out already…
  10. … which leads nicely to housemates, whose strange or annoying habits (showering at 4am/not washing up for weeks/always asking to ‘borrow’ food) will eventually drive you insane, making you wish you were living in college again!

…and relax. There are more important things to think about, like finding a house in Durham to live in! Probably stressful enough.

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