University Exams: 10 Techniques For Avoiding Stress

So, it’s that time of year again: beautiful sunshine outside, and you’re stuck inside revising? It’s easy to let stress build up before university exams, but here are 10 techniques for avoiding stress build-up during your revision period.

  1. Start your revision early: don’t leave it until the last minute!
  2. If you’re really stuck on a topic, ask your tutor/lecturer.
  3. Facebook logo abstract Avoid distractions like Facebook by going to the library and sitting away from the computers.
  4. If you’re really stressed, talk to Nightline ( – their number is on the back of your campus card.
  5. Take regular breaks from revision during the day – give yourself time to let the information you’ve just revised sink in.
  6. Don’t stop going out: just be more reasonable, and make sure you’re in bed at a decent time to get up and continue revising the next day!
  7. Exercise: even if it’s just 30 minutes’ walk, it’ll help give you a break and relax you.
  8. Plan what you need to learn before you start revision.
  9. Eat healthily: you should feel better, and be able to concentrate for longer.
  10. Don’t panic too much: you could panic so much you won’t be able to do anything. And there are always resits.

Good luck with your exams!