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Oxbridge Proofreading is the Number 1 choice for native and non-native English speaking students in the UK. Thousands of students have improved their academic success with our specialist Editing and Proofreading services.

Academic supervisors and second markers expect you to present your work in a manner that allows them to understand your thoughts and arguments clearly on a first reading. If your work is not written in a concise and rigorous academic style, you can lose marks.

Using Oxbridge Proofreading typically raises grades for Undergraduate and Masters Students; helps PhD candidates to present their research with greater clarity; and assists Professional Academics to prepare journal articles and conference papers for publication.

The type of assistance you need may vary, so we offer a choice of two levels of service – specifically designed to deliver the right amount of help to improve your text.

  • Proofreading: Perfects your spelling, punctuation and grammar before you submit your work.
  • Stylistic Editing: Transforms your work into clear, concise, coherent writing in a rigorously academic style.

All amendments are highlighted using “track changes” to allow you to see them clearly – along with any comments your editor may have made for your consideration. We also return a “final” version which is a clean copy of the edited text, fully formatted where necessary, that is ready for you to use.

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